Amounts associated with clients connected to Liberia

Liberia is ranked #75 among the countries with the largest dollar amounts in the leaked Swiss files. See full ranking >>

The maximum amount of money associated with a client connected to Liberia was $59.5M.

How much is this for Liberia?

Liberia's GDP per capita was $210 in 2007. The top 10% held 30.1% of income in 2007. (Source: World Bank)


Account openings and accumulated active accounts from 1988

60 client accounts opened between 1987 and 2006 and linked to 128 bank accounts.



An account linked to a person holds the name of one of the clients, which is a person.

An account linked to an offshore company holds the name of an offshore company, which provides an extra layer of secrecy to the client.

In a numbered account the name of the account holder is kept secret and replaced by a code of a mix of numbers and letters.

Distribution of account types

58 clients are associated with Liberia. 2% have a Liberian passport or nationality.