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Jaime Camil Garza

  • Mexican nationality or passport

Jaime Camil Garza

Billionaire developer

Jaime Federico Said Camil Garza is a Mexican billionaire who has been a developer and a lobbyist. He has strong connections in the worlds of consulting, politics and entertainment. He is also known for the lavish celebrations he organizes together with his son Jaime, a popular soap opera actor. Camil claims to be a close friend of the Bush presidential family and often shows his expensive properties, yachts and horses to jet-set magazines. But his name has also appeared in the media linked to corruption scandals. The most recent scandal was in 2013 when he was named as the consultant who allegedly paid bribes on behalf of the German company Siemens to Mexico’s national oil company, Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex). The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission referred only to “a politically-connected business consultant” in a 2008 lawsuit, which Siemens settled by paying $1.6 billion and pleading guilty to a criminal charge. However, Pemex identified Camil as an intermediary in the payments in a separate 2013 lawsuit against Siemens, which was dismissed by U.S. courts. Camil rejected all allegations of wrongdoing in a conversation with ICIJ.

File details

Camil Garza was linked at least two HSBC accounts. One, under the name “Letona Anstalt”, was opened in 2000 and closed in 2001. The other, of which he had beneficial ownership, was a numbered account named “18075TC”, opened in 1994 and closed in 2002. The legal persons linked to Garza’s profile had addresses in Liechtenstein and the British Virgin Islands.


Jaime Camil Garza acknowledged ownership of the account Letona Ansalt with HSBC. “It was created by my family and me, with the aim of doing a business in the Middle East and Europe. It failed. Opened in 2000, the account was closed in 2001,” he told ICIJ. With regard to the numbered account created in 1995 and closed in 2002, “I regret to inform you that I do not recognize it as it has been 20 years since its creation,” Camil said. He added that his Cairo-born father had been a close friend of bank founder Edmond J. Safra. “That’s why the family had accounts with HSBC,” he pointed out. “All my accounts in Switzerland were perfectly settled with the Mexican Treasury.”