Evicted and Abandoned


28 projects with confirmed or possible displacement between 2004 and 2013. That represents 3% of all the World Bank-financed projects in this database. Every project is tied to one or several sectors by the bank.

An estimated 62,075 people were displaced by 6 projects. The World Bank doesn’t have information on the effects produced by the rest.

Top 3 projects per estimated # people physically or economically displaced

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* = This project was administered by the World Bank but paid through another financier.

Confirmed displacement
Project name Approval date Status Cost Displaced people (estimated)
Central North Region Health Support Project Apr. 6, 2010 Active $65M 366
Niger Agro-Pastoral Export and Market Development Project Mar. 26, 2009 Active $40M 3
Pelotas - Rio Grande do Sul Integrated Municipal Development Program (APL) Jan. 15, 2008 Closed $18.9M 4
JM Inner City Basic Services for the Poor Project Mar. 29, 2006 Closed $29.3M 4
Disaster Vulnerability Reduction Project - APL2 Mar. 3, 2006 Closed $80M 4,651
Urban Upgrading Project Apr. 29, 2004 Closed $222.5M 57,047
Possible displacement
Project name Approval date Status Cost
Pastoral Community Development Project III Dec. 12, 2013 Active $110M
Competitiveness and Enterprise Development Project (CEDP) May. 9, 2013 Active $100M
Kenya Infrastructure Finance/PPP project Nov. 15, 2012 Active $40M
Niger - Competitiveness & Growth Support Jun. 26, 2012 Active $50M
Ghana - PPP Project Mar. 27, 2012 Active $30M
China Energy Efficiency Financing III Oct. 27, 2011 Active $100M
Burkina Faso - Bagre Growth Pole Project Jun. 21, 2011 Active $115M
PNG - Small and Medium Enterprise Access to Finance Project May. 3, 2011 Active $21.9M
Support to Protected Areas Management Mar. 29, 2011 Active $5M
Jamaica Energy Security and Efficiency Enhancement Project Mar. 10, 2011 Active $15M
GT Enhancing MSME Productivity Project Mar. 3, 2011 Active $32M
CO-National Macroproyectos Social Interest Program Project Jan. 11, 2011 Closed $40M
China Energy Efficiency Financing II Jun. 22, 2010 Active $100M
Second Northern Mountains Poverty Reduction Project Apr. 6, 2010 Active $150M
Tanzania - Housing Finance Project Mar. 9, 2010 Active $40M
Competitiveness and Private Sector Development Feb. 12, 2009 Active $25M
Rural Capacity Building Project Jun. 22, 2006 Closed $54M
Health and Nutrition Support Project Jun. 1, 2006 Closed $10M
Agricultural Competitiveness and Diversification Project Jul. 5, 2005 Active $46.4M
BN-National Community Driven Development Project Oct. 7, 2004 Closed $50M
SN-Elec. Serv. for Rural Areas (FY05) Sep. 9, 2004 Closed $29.9M
Iran Urban Upgrading and Housing Reform Project May. 25, 2004 Closed $80M